Tom Cruise decides to move into Winston Churchill’s war rooms

Tom Cruise would move into a renovated Winston Churchill war room upon his return to the UK for the next Mission: Impossible sequel.

According to The Sun, the Hollywood actor is preparing to start filming the next installment of the hit action film in London.
Tom is working a lot in central London next year and wanted somewhere nearby to settle in rather than commuting in and out of the city, ”the source said, citing his source.

The outlet also reported that the A-List action hero liked the idea of ​​living in the WWII leader’s bedroom.

“He saw that the old Churchill offices had hit the market and was immediately thrilled – and won over.

“They’ve been turned into the most amazing, seriously smart apartments right in the heart of Whitehall,” the insider explained.

“These buildings also inspired Ian Fleming when he wrote James Bond. You feel like 007 is just walking through the door, ”the post added.

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